Website Advisory Committee


In 2011, the Mercy College’s Website Advisory Committee was convened. The committee comprised of faculties who were responsible for or interested in Web development at the college. The Web Advisory Committee acts as a recommending body for the development of Mercy College’s website, its structure, design, policies and procedures. In addition, it takes a proactive role in promoting the integration of the Web into the academic and administrative life of the college. The committee’s efforts will also ensure that the college’s mission and goals are served in short- and long-term Web planning.

Primary Objectives

  • Ensure the integration of the college’s mission and marketing in the external Web presence.
  • Promote the integration of the Web into the college’s normal business practices and operating procedures.
  • Provide useful and easily accessible information to the college’s audiences.
  • Improve navigation and consistency throughout the site.
  • Create a framework that effectively provides access to college information.
  • Construct a site that will be easy to change and update regularly.


  • Sr. Jainy Jacob
  • Ms. Priya Vinod
  • Ms.Steny V.S
  • Ms.Deepa M.P
  • Mr.Robin Joy