Prayer For Mercy

O / God / Creator and Father of all mankind / to You we turn at the beginning of this day / for Your blessing.

Grant us / we beseech You / ardently to desire / prudently to study / rightly to understand / and perfectly to fulfil / that which is most pleasing to You.

To You we commit ourselves / and all that is ours / our thoughts / words and deeds.

Make our hearts / pure and chaste / meek and humble.

We desire to love all men / for the love of You / who are the Father of us all / who make Your light shine on Your children / whether good or evil / rich or poor / exalted or humble in condition.

Grant us / we pray / understanding / sympathy / and charity for one another.

Bless our parents / our family / our teachers / our friends / and our enemies / that all may come to know You / love You / and possess You in Eternity.