Our Crest & Motto

The coat-of arms holds aloft to the teacher and the taught, the spirit and the ideal that should guide them at every step. The flaming sword and the anchor stand for our motto “Dare and Hope”.Our hope is the anchor of God’s mighty power which we cast into the currents and cross-currents of life and dare to fight with the sword of knowledge, the evils of darkness and ignorance.The heavenly rays beaming down through the starry diadem of Mary signify the eternal flow of blessing of our heavenly Mother of Mercy on her children and Ave Maria in the monogram voices forth the ever rising salutations of the Mercians to their Mother.

The Carmelite Emblem and the Book of Wisdom are constant reminders of the great responsibility, that we the Carmelite sisters have shouldered in the arduous task of educating modern women driving home the truth of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. Thus holding up the Torch of Divine Love, we wish to ignite in the heart of the world the flames of charity and dispel the darkness of hatred and violence.