About Department

Language Department was established in 1964. Malayalam, Hindi and Sanskrit are common papers (Part II-Second language) in the degree courses.

These languages are recommended for the BA/ BSc (I and II year), B.Com (I year) and Biotech & Computer Science (I year) degree courses as the second languages. There are two faculty members in Malayalam, two in Hindi and one in Sanskrit.

The language department celebrates the Kerala Piravi Day every year with literary activities with talks by eminent personalities. Wall magazines and manuscript magazines are prepared by the students under the guidance of teachers. The active participation of students in the college and in the collegiate level literary activities is promoted by the department. Literary items are published in the college magazine also.


  • To nurture the knowledge and comprehension in literature to strengthen and support the art of skill of writing.
  • To develop critical and analytical ability in literature from the context of Indian civilization with special focus on Kerala culture.
  • To provide and exposure to the students of Science, Commerce and Humanities through learning an effective language of communication.
  • Excellence in Sports, All round development of the Individual through participation in different sports activities.


  • To generate a sense of emotion by alluring love and relation among the images of nature through the admiration of languages.
  • To realize the cultural identity by introducing versatile form of literature and nurture the interesting language.
  • To introduce the essence of classic works of literature to open up in the spectrum of words and metaphors


Departmental Activities

Manuscripting magazines and wall magazines are released by the department to improve the language skill and creative thinking of students.

Courses Offered

Common Courses of B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, Computer Science Biotechnology

Contact information

Language Department,
Mercy College, Palakkad, Kerala.

0491 2541149