History & Political Science

About Department

The Department of History and Political Science was established in 1967 with great vision and mission of moulding ‘a better posterity for better tomorrow’. The Department offers BA Degree in History with Indian Constitution & Politics and General Economics as complimentary courses. The Department also offers Historical Tourism as open course to the students of other Departments. Majority of the students of the college are belonged to the department of History and Political science fully or partially. The Department provides effective teaching through lecture method. ICT, discussions, audio visual aids, peer teaching assignments, seminar presentations etc. for a smooth learning process. The faculty regularly engages in research activities and attended the workshops and seminars at regional and national level for the faculty development. The department regularly conducts history seminars and exhibitions with public attention. Site visits and study tours of the Department enhance the research attitude of the students in history. Socially committed staff and student community with high patriotic zeal and major portion of our students devote themselves as NSS volunteers, NCC Cadets and child line volunteers. The department institutes an award for the best socially committed student of the college every year. The department also handles tourism club and archaeology club with great visions.


Academic excellence, development of skills and character formation, training women for the service of God and humanity.


  • To protect and preserve the cultural heritage of our country.
  • To promote responsible citizenship and national integration.
  • To create national and political consciousness.
  • Development of personality.
  • Value based quality education.
  • To develop social awareness.
  • To create awareness about the conservation of environment.

Heritage Museum

The legacy of the Department of History and Political Science to the institution for moulding a proud posterity in our cultural heritage. Heritage Museum, really a galaxy of antiques and artifacts of proud heritage and a great asset of the department, provide the whole student community a better awareness about the preservation of monuments and antiques and they are inspired to revere the monuments and antiques and learn history.

Sauhrudam Club

Aims to improve the physical, academic, social and interpersonal skills of the adolescents of neighboring locality and lead them towards a successful adulthood.

Folklore Club

The Folklore Club takes special interest in learning about traditions, cultures and legends. Folklore is anything that is passed down through generations. Crafts, mythology/legends, food recipes, stories, and the like are all folklore. Started in 2012 with the aim to promote, to protect and popularize folk history and culture cultural orientation through folk songs, games, proverbs, stories, drawing and other entertainments to the needy and poor children of the locality.

Tourism Club

Aims to promote domestic tourism, nature appreciation, outdoor activities, conservation, and friendship and understanding.

Courses Offered

The Department offers BA Degree in History with Indian constitution & Politics and General Economics as subsidiaries. The Department also offers Historical Tourism as open course to the students of other Departments.

Contact information

Department of History and Political Science Mercy College,
Palakkad, Kerala.

0491 2541149