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About Department

The Department of Economics was initiated in the year 1981 offers BA Economics Programme with Sociology as the complementary course at the Under Graduate Level. It was elevated to the position of a PG Department in the year 2004. We strive to impart knowledge with a holistic approach so that values are upheld in their thoughts and actions. The Department is committed to graduating students who embody qualities essential for academic success and personal fulfillment by offering a balanced, challenging and integrated educational programme in academics, athletics and arts; all in a vibrant and diverse environment.

We try to bring the world into our classrooms through sustainable relationships with local businesses and universities, visiting faculty and lecturers, and web-based collaboration. We take our classrooms out to the world through meaningful, age-appropriate opportunities for experiential education, service learning, environmental awareness and character education.

The faculty continues to pursue new opportunities for professional development and programme advancement in the academic discipline as well as in the areas of curriculum, assessment and instruction. The Department endeavours to teach students to act wisely and rationally in various conflicting situations so that they become mature in their outlook and behaviour. This is implemented through education, knowledge development, and service that promote leadership for evidence-based social work with a global perspective.


Develop creative thinking, passion for learning, self reliance, global competence and to inculcate ethical responsibility and community involvement.


To familiarise students with the cultural, political, historical, scientific and ethical forces that are shaping the world and to strive for academic excellence with proficiency in purposeful learning and effective writing, while maintaining social and emotional well-being

Courses Offered

  1. UG-B.A Economics Programme with Sociology and General Economics as Complementary courses.
  2. PG-M.A Economics Programme with Business Economics and Agricultural Economics as optional.

Faculty in Economics

Faculty in Sociology

Contact information Economics

Dr. Liji K.T..,

Head of the Department,
Mercy College, Palakkad.

0491 2541149 (Office)
+91 0491 2542 681

Contact information Sociology

Ms. Deepa N.

Head of the Department,
Mercy College, Palakkad.

0491 2541149 (Office)
+91 0491 2542 681