Computer Science

About Department

The department of computer Science was established in 2002 with the introduction of the UG course. The Department focuses on empowering students with competencies in the fields of theory, programming as well as teamwork, organization skills and communication skills. The department is committed to the motto “Excellence in Service” and this philosophy persuades every aspect of its functioning.

The curriculum provides an opportunity to learn advanced operating system, Data structures, Software Project Management, Networks etc. The department makes every effort to update its curriculum in order to enhance competency and employability. Seminars, workshops, Exhibition, Debates, paper presentations, quiz competitions etc are organized for students to augment the knowledge gained from curriculum.

Highly professional in nature, the course intends to provide a foundation for students who planned to pursue their career in multinational companies .Most of our students are now working in MNC’S and reputed organizations which include Infosys, Wipro, TCS, IBM ,State Banks, colleges in India and abroad. The final year students are undertaking project works of various institutions/companies. The project benefits students as they gain hands-on experience in the areas of their interest. We have an open approach to collaboration with industry. We undertake joint projects and organize events to connect our students and potential employers. The department also has been honored by the students securing ranks in the university exams.


  • Training young women to enhance their ideas and innovations in science with confidence for the betterment and enrichment of mankind.
  • To build competent, empowered, committed and socially responsible future software engineers to meet the global demand.
  • To prepare students for research and teaching careers either in universities or in the industry.


  • We focus on academic excellence, character formation, social concern and human development.
  • Train future industry specialists.
  • To empower young girls to face challenges in life and also help them to uphold right values wherever they are.
  • To train future industry specialists.
  • To enhance the project Management skills.
  • More soft skills courses to train students for better job prospects.


The Computer Science Department has an Air Conditioned Computer Lab with 31 Computers with internet facility, printers (4) , scanner and an LCD Projector. There is a well equipped library with around 150 reference books. The students are given free Internet access and the department has also entered into a Microsoft Campus Agreement which provides licensed software.

Courses Offered

BSc Computer Science with Mathematics and Statistics as subsidiary courses. The Department also offers Introduction to Computers & Office Automation as open course to the students of other Departments.

Contact information

Sr.Shiny Mole P.I. (Sr. Akhila)

Head of the Dept. of Computer Science
Mercy Convent, Palakkad.

0491 2542537, 8086176688