About Department

From a small department started in 1964, the department of chemistry has grown into a major Post-graduate department for teaching in Chemical sciences, under the University of Calicut. The department provides opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry.

The department is presently having 10 faculty members;9 permanent and 1 temporary. We organize national and international conferences and workshops regularly for the sharing and gaining of scientific information and local seminars that benefits students, faculty and the society in general.

All faculty members guide students in experimental and investigatory projects which contribute to stimulating interest, satisfying curiosity, developing scientific attitude, critical thinking and creating a scientific bent of mind. The department also encourages collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects.

The department is well equipped with 3 laboratories and an instrumentation room. It also provides library facilities to the faculty and the students. The program of teaching of the department covers a wide area of chemistry from inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical with special emphasis to Synthetic organic, Analytical, and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry.

Every year, our students bring laurels to the department and the college by securing top ranks in the University examinations and National level Competitive tests.


Chemistry Department comprises a UG lab, two PG labs and an instrumentation room. Major equipment highlights of the dept. are, UV Visible spectrophotometer, Digital Colorimeter(2), Electronic weighing balance,FT-IR spectroscopy,Oil bath,Muffle furnace,Vaccum oven,Rota vapour etc.


Our vision is to focus on six E’s for higher education – Expansion, Equity, Excellence, Empowerment, Engagement and Ethics.


Our mission is to achieve this goal through innovative techniques, tutorials, social awareness programmes, research projects, collaboration and consultancy.

Courses Offered

  1. UG Program in Chemistry (Core and Complementary) Elective paper: Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  2. PG Program in Chemistry
  3. Diploma in Beautician Course

Student Achievements

Contact information

Ms. Ambily Jacob K.

Head of the Department
Mercy College, Palakkad – 678 006

0491 2541149 (Office)