About Department

Department of Botany was established in 1964 initially with pre University course and gradually with three- year degree programme of B.Sc Botany with Chemistry and Zoology as the subsidiaries. The department had 6 teaching faculty and 3 nonteaching staff. Sr. Bambina was the founder head of the department and currently Dr. Jelly Louis C is the Head of Department of Botany. Pre-degree was detached from the college and currently has 4 teaching faculty and 2 non teaching staff. Biotechnology is the specialization paper of B.Sc degree programme. An Open Course in Tissue culture is also being conducting by the department. Altogether 43 batches have been awarded the B.Sc. Degree with Botany.

The department is maintaining a good Library with more than 500 books and Journals. A digital Library is also being maintained in the department. The department is conducting many outreach activities like seed distribution, giving awareness about pesticide free vegetable cultivation etc with help of Botany Association. The department is maintaining a herbarium which contains extensive collection of more than 500 typical Angiosperms and all other plant groups found naturally in Kerala. More than 800 Botanical specimens including whole plants, fruits and seeds are preserved in the Museum. The department is maintaining a beautiful Botanic Garden in the heart of college campus which is a living museum of many rare flowering and medicinal plants. The Botany laboratory provides plant identification services, soil analysis and laboratory assistance to the nearby school students and the local people.


  • Launching self employment generating programmes, such as training on mushroom cultivation, establishing medicinal plant garden and plantation of valuable timber yielding plant all over the college campus.
  • Introducing Biotechnology as specialization subject for BSc Degree Programme.
  • Conserving the threatened and endangered plant species by establishing a Botanical Garden in the college campus, building awareness among the people for bio-diversity conservation by organizing popular talks, exhibitions public-hearings, quiz competitions, etc.
  • To promote public understanding of the natural world through programs of education and display.


The Department of Botany promotes research and education in basic plant biology and the continued well being of the common man through the study of plant science. To further the understanding and appreciation of plant life, with emphasis on plant taxonomy, molecular biology and tissue culture. We concentrate on effective education, research and communication about the value and intellectual appeal of plants. Application of conventional as well non-conventional tools to understand plant process, development of human resource with hands on experience in the frontier areas of plants science.


The department is maintaining a herbarium (500 typical Angiosperms and all other plant groups), a Museum (800 Botanical specimens including whole plants, fruits and seeds), a library (500 books and Journals) and a Botanic Garden in the heart of college campus which is a living museum of many rare flowering and medicinal plants. Major equipment highlights of the dept. are, Mini Centrifuge, Binocular microscope, Water bath, Autoclave, UV Chamber, Magnetic Strirrer, Submarine electrophoresis Unit, LCD- projector, Electronic balance Shimadzu Compound Microscope (56), Dissection Microscope (40), Trinocular Stereo Microscope, Medical Monocular Microscope etc.

Courses Offered

  1. B.Sc. & M.Sc. Botany- Regular course
  2. Plant Tissue culture as Open Course

Contact information

Dr. Jelly Louis C.

Head of the Department
Mercy College, Palakkad, Kerala.

0491 2541149


  • Dr.Jelly Louis ,Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Rekha Vasudevan , Assistant Professor
  • Dr.Sr. Sindhu K.K ,Assistant Professor
  • Ms.Jayasree P.V ,Guest Lecturer
  • Dr.Savitha Rabeque ,Guest Lecturer
  • Ms. Athira K ,Guest Lecturer